Rag&Beau; - Clothing Manufacturer, CMT and Sample Unit in South East London
Aneta Quelch Fashion Designer, Beauty Consultant, Owner, seamstress, beauty consultant

Our sewing studio in North London is like no other CMT and Sampling unit in the UK. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to Designers and turn design into ready garments.

 We are a clothing manufacturer and offer a specialised service to the fashion industry, with the ability to work with new Designers as well as more established fashion houses. Our CMT process will enable you to take your sketch through to final sample and deliver a production ready pattern with all the elements required to go into full production including grading. The principles upon which we aim to deliver our sewing services are mutual understanding, working in partnership with our designers in order to deliver a fast and efficient garment production which holds quality at its core. No matter what textiles or materials you wish to use, we are able to support you to bring your design to life….. Our services include:- ·       Pattern making ·       Toiling to a first garment sample ·       CMT production Our single site clothing factory means you gain the benefit of having everything you need under one roof.






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